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To clients of CanLink, immigrating to Canada is never just a dream. CanLink is composed of a team of dedicated Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants, all having it their mission that they strive to represent, advise and consult their clients with integrity, efficiency and true professionalism. You have your aspirations over Canadian immigration, study or work, rest assured that CanLink's is to realise every one of them.


Immigrate to Canada
Immigrating to Canada permanently is an exciting opportunity. However, there are several things you should consider before you apply to be a permanent resident.

If you want to immigrate to Canada, there are a few different ways to apply. You will need to decide which immigration program will work best for you and your family.

Study in Canada

  • Get the education that you want. Streamline getting a Study Visa with Canlink Consulting.

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    Work in Canada

  • Let Canlink Consultants assist you in obtaining your Canadain Work permits.

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